About this guide

This guide is intended for administrators and users of the Genetec Clearance™ system. This guide describes how to set up and use the Genetec Clearance™ system.

Notes and notices

The following notes and notices might appear in this guide:
  • Tip:
    Suggests how to apply the information in a topic or step.
  • Note:
    Explains a special case or expands on an important point.
  • Important:
    Points out critical information concerning a topic or step.
  • Caution:
    Indicates that an action or step can cause loss of data, security problems, or performance issues.
  • Warning:
    Indicates that an action or step can result in physical harm, or cause damage to hardware.
IMPORTANT: Topics appearing in this guide that reference information found on third-party websites were accurate at the time of publication, however, this information is subject to change without prior notice from Genetec Inc.