About video redaction

2020-01-27Last updated

Redaction in Genetec Clearance™ is the act of obscuring faces or other sensitive information from uploaded video files. Before sharing video with others, you can redact sensitive content in a scene to conceal a persons face or other identifiable information.

You can use face detection to redact faces, then manually adjust the masks if required. You can also manually mask other sensitive content in a video file.
  • A video file can only be redacted when the file is associated with a case. If a user uploads a video file that is not associated with a case, the Redact option on the File page is unavailable.
  • You can only redact video files that were uploaded in a supported file format.
  • A new copy of the original video is created whenever a redaction is performed. You can also create different redactions for different copies of a video.