Overview of the Device details page

On the Device details page, you can view general device information, view or modify the device name, and add or remove device assignments. You can also activate or deactivate licenses.

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A Device name The device name. When in edit mode you can change the name of the device.
TIP: If you manage a large number of devices, consider defining a naming standard that suits your needs before changing device names. For example, include departments, location codes, or any other useful information in the name.
B State The device state. The device state can either be New, Activated, or Deactivated.
C Device type The device type.
D Assigned to The user or users that the device is assigned to.
  • Click to add user assignments.
  • Click to remove user assignments.
E Activated devices The number of activated devices.

For example Activated devices: 1/15 indicates the number of devices that are active (1) and the device licenses that are available (15).

F Deactivate license Click to deactivate a license.
NOTE: When a license is deactivated, this button changes to Activate license.
G Manufacturer The device manufacturer.
H Serial Number The device serial number.
I Model The device model.