Overview of the Recycle bin page

On the Recycle bin page, you can search for cases or files that have been deleted by deletion date, incident type, or filter who deleted by ID, name, or email. You can then restore any cases or files that were incorrectly deleted, or that are still required to be kept for evidence purposes.

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An image of the recycle bin showing a list of cases and files.

A Type The file type. This can be either a case or file.
B Name The case or file name. For file names the file extension is also displayed.
C Search button Click to search for a deleted case or file in the recycle bin.
D Deleted by The person or process who deleted a case or file.
E Deletion date The date and time that a case or file was deleted.
F Purge date When a case or file will be permanently deleted from the recycle bin.
G Restore Click to restore a deleted case or file.
H Search box Enter keywords to help you find a case or file that has been deleted.
I Search Filters Click the Search criteria list to show or hide the search tools.
J Click to expand the details of a case or file.
K Click to collapse the details of a case or file.