Overview of the Retention policies page

On the Retention policies page of the Configurations menu, you can configure the default retention policy for cases and files in the recycle bin.

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  • Digital evidence can be stored in accordance with the requirements of the incident. For example, the incident category of the case will be used to determine the retention policy.
  • Digital evidence can also be stored based on the device type that is associated with the recordings.

    For example, body-worn camera video could be kept for 90 days, public surveillance video could be kept for 30 days, and so on.

    If a file is associated with a case, it inherits the retention policy of the case. If the file retention policy is longer than the case retention, then the file retention policy is used.
WARNING: Modifying retention policies can result in permanent loss of file data or automatic deletion of files.

A Retention period for cases and files in the recycle bin Click to select the retention period that you require. The default setting is 7 days and the maximum is 365 days.
B Automatically delete files by source after the specified period The retention periods that are used for automatically deleting files by source.
C Source of upload The source that the files were uploaded from.
D Automatically delete files by category after the specified period The retention periods that are used for automatically deleting files by incident category.
E Category The category that the files are associated with.
F Retention policies Click to configure the retention policies.

Retention policy settings are only applied after a case has been closed.

NOTE: Users must have account admin permission to configure retention policies.
G Deleted after The retention period that is used to automatically delete files by source or by category. A retention period can be specified for each source or category that is defined in the system.
NOTE: Files are only deleted if all cases associated with the files are closed. Any files without a category will use the associated cases category if applicable. The longest source or category retention policy is used.
The retention periods include the following:
  • Never delete
  • Retention period in days
  • Retention period in years