Overview of the User edit page

On the User edit page, you can edit basic information about a user, specify whether a user is a guest or regular user, and add or remove device assignments.

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A Username The user’s full name. This field is automatically populated with the user’s first and last name.
B Status A user can either be Active or Inactive. Users whose status is Inactive are still searchable.
C Devices The devices that are assigned to the user. For example, a body-worn camera.
D Reset password Click to reset the user’s password. Upon clicking this button, the user receives an email with instructions about how to set a new password.
E Email address The user’s email address. This field is mandatory.
F First and last name The user’s first and last name.
G Groups The groups that the user is assigned to. You can create groups for specific departments, groups that apply to multiple or all departments, or groups that reside outside departments.
H Officer ID The user’s identification number. You can search for users by their officer IDs.
NOTE: You can modify or reassign an officer ID from the Officer ID field on the User edit page.
I Mobile phone The user’s phone number. You can add a maximum of two phone numbers.
J Picture Upload a photo of the user so that they can easily be identified.
K Type A user can either be a guest or regular user. Guests cannot perform searches in the system and cannot access the Configurations menu. Regular users have full access, but can only access the Configurations menu if they are part of the Account Administrator group.