Defining security policies for devices

In Genetec Clearance™, media from body-worn cameras is uploaded when the camera is docked. To manage access to these devices, you can define security policies and add existing users or groups to the security policy.

Before you begin

Before you can define security policies for a device, the users or groups that you want to add to the security policy must exist.

What you should know

You can manage security policies for devices by user or by groups. By default, users who are a member of a Manage devices security policy or have Manage devices permissions can manage devices.


  1. Click Configurations > Security Policies .
  2. In the Manage devices section click () Add.
  3. To add groups or users to the Manage devices security policy, click Add existing groups or users.
    1. In the search box, type a user name, email address, or group name, and press Enter or click the search button ().
    2. Select the check box for the user or group that you require and click Add.
      To remove a user or group, click next to their name.
      The user or group is added to the Manage devices security policy.
You can now manage access to your devices in the Manage devices section of the Security policies page.


Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.