Setting evidence category automatically

2020-01-08Last updated

You can have evidence categories automatically set during video upload based on the Point Blank camera event type. The categories can then be used to apply retention policies based on the evidence category.

Before you begin

Ensure that all event types that are defined in your camera event type list have been configured as categories and enabled in the system. Special characters are not supported.

What you should know

Setting the evidence category automatically when uploading videos is only supported when the Genetec Clearance™ Uploader is used to upload videos from a Point Blank camera.
  • The evidence category is only set automatically when uploading the Point Blank video if the camera event types match exactly one of the categories in Genetec Clearance™. If the category in the camera does not match a Genetec Clearance™ category, the category field remains empty.
  • The category can only be set automatically during the upload of Point Blank video. If the user manually edits the tag in the web portal, the system does not change the evidence category regardless of the value.
  • Special characters in the category names are not supported.


  1. Ensure that the video files you want to upload have been correctly tagged with an event type on the camera.
  2. Dock the camera to upload the files using the Genetec Clearance™ Uploader.
    The files have now been uploaded and the evidence categories in the General section of the File page have been automatically set.

    The retention period for these video files is now determined by the category retention policies as specified in Configurations > Retention policies .
    Note: The event types selected on the Point Blank camera are displayed as Tags in the General section of the File page.