Uploading media using the Genetec Clearance™ Uploader

You can use the Genetec Clearance™ Uploader application to automatically upload videos, media, and other file types without manually logging into Genetec Clearance™. Uploaded files are searchable and can be added to cases.

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Before you begin

The following prerequisites apply when uploading media using the Genetec Clearance™ Uploader.
  • The Genetec Clearance™ Uploader must be associated with a Genetec Clearance™ account to upload media to that account.
  • You must have an active internet connection.

What you should know

The Genetec Clearance™ Uploader application automatically downloads media files from a body-worn camera (BWC) and saves them to your client.

The media files are then uploaded from your client to your Genetec Clearance™ account. Deferred schedule uploads can optimize this process by performing the upload activities at a more convenient time.

These functions can also be performed automatically by the service in the background.

When you want to run and upload content in the background you can use the Genetec Clearance™ Uploader service, the Genetec Clearance™ Uploader agent is not required. Scheduled uploads can help you avoid using bandwidth during office hours by deferring uploads to a more convenient time. Scheduled uploads are also useful if you are using a multi-dock or are uploading media from multiple devices, which might consume excessive bandwidth.

The Genetec Clearance™ Uploader supports a maximum of 26 concurrent cameras per workstation or server when using a multi-dock.

Logs are also kept to provide details about media uploads. These event logs can be found in C:\ProgramData\AppData\Local\Genetec Clearance\logs.

To download media from a Body-Worn Camera:

To upload media to your Genetec Clearance™ account:

After you finish

You can now add the media files to their respective cases.