Installing Genetec Clearance™ Capture

Genetec Clearance™ Capture is a Google Chrome extension that is used to capture evidence from websites and social media and upload the evidence directly to your Genetec Clearance™ account. Before you can use Genetec Clearance™ Capture, you must install and configure the Google Chrome extension.

Before you begin

The following prerequisites apply when installing the Google Chrome extension.

What you should know

To use the Genetec Clearance™ Capture Google Chrome extension you must have Google Chrome browser version 59 or later.

To install the Genetec Clearance™ Capture Google Chrome extension:

  1. In Google Chrome, click More (), then click More tools > Extensions .
  2. Click Open Chrome Web Store.
  3. Type Genetec in the search field and click Enter.
  4. In the Extensions search results, next to Genetec Clearance™ Capture, click ADD TO CHROME ()
  5. Click Add extension.

    The extension is installed in chrome://extensions/.
    1. Click x to close the confirmation dialog box.

  6. (Optional) In the Google Chrome Extensions tab, click Allow in incognito or Allow access to file URLs if required.

The Genetec Clearance™ Capture Google Chrome extension is now installed and ready to capture evidence.

After you finish

If you need to uninstall Genetec Clearance™ Capture, follow the standard uninstall process for Google Chrome extensions.