Sharing files using a file request

2020-09-21Last updated

Use a public file request when you want anyone to add files to an incident without viewing the case contents.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have received a file request containing a file request link that you can use to submit files.

What you should know

  • The person receiving the public file request must complete the identity information and accept the file request terms before they can share files.
  • When a file request is used to share a file, Public upload audit trail information is stored.
    • Who uploaded the file shown in the preview list as Uploaded by. For example, (public upload).
    • Who created or modified the file shown in the file audit trail details information as Public upload.
  • reCAPTCHA is used to protect public uploads from malicious activities.


  1. Click the file request link or scan the QR code to open the file request.
    The file request form showing a QR code used to submit video and fields used to specify identifying information.
  2. Complete the identity information section so that you can be contacted regarding the files that you shared.
    Note: User contact information is optional when Allow anonymous uploads is enabled.
    1. Enter a First name.
    2. Enter a Last name.
    3. Enter an Email address.
    4. (Optional) Enter a Phone number.
  3. Read the file request terms.
    1. Select I have read and accept the terms above if you accept the terms and want to share files.
  4. Click Share files.
    The file drop page prompting users to select a file to share.
  5. Drag and drop one or more files or click Select a file to share.
    The reCAPTCHA window tromping the user to validate that they are a legitimate human user.
    1. If reCAPTCHA is triggered, the user must validate they are a human to continue. Click Verify to continue.
    The shared file is immediately added to the case.
    The file share page showing the file has been shared successfully.