What's new in Genetec Clearance™

2021-08-02Last updated

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What's New: August 2021

Export audit trail reports
Users can now download case and file audit trails as a PDF document. The audit report includes information related to user activity, date and time of each action, and a summary of the case or file metadata.
New version of the Genetec Clearance™ plugin for Security Center
The new version of the Genetec Clearance™ plugin for Security Center is here! Version 3.3 includes the following improvements:
  • Improved export controls: When investigating an incident, operators often need to perform exports using multiple cameras that have recorded footage related to the event. The plugin provides enhanced controls to export video from multiple cameras at the same time, synchronizing export times across all selected devices.
  • Enhanced auditing tool: A new activities report has been added to the plugin to provide an overview of all export actions to Genetec Clearance™. With the report, authorized users can view successful, failed and in-progress exports. Activities can be filtered based on specific users, cameras, and time ranges.
  • Improved support for long video exports: Video exports longer than 60 minutes are now displayed as a single continuous file when played in Genetec Clearance™.
  • Improved snapshot wizard: You can now assign snapshots to new or existing cases in the same manner as video exports.

For more information, see About Genetec Clearance™ plugin for Security Center.

Configure who can create cases
Through the new Create case security policy, administrators can now configure whether users or groups have the right to create cases in Genetec Clearance™. Guest users assigned this security policy can also create cases.

For more information, see Security policy definitions list.

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