What's new in Genetec Clearance™

2021-06-30Last updated

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What's New: June 2021

Capture snapshots from videos
The snapshot tool allows you to take still images from a video, so you can preserve and share a specific element in a scene. Snapshots are logged as part of the video’s audit trail and inherit the same permissions as the original evidence to maintain the chain of evidence.

For more information, see Video player controls.

Redesigned video player
When investigating an incident, reviewing all of the pieces of evidence collected is fundamental to recalling the events that took place. The redesigned video player allows users to playback up to six recordings in a multi-tile view to benefit from the different perspectives available. Videos can be played simultaneously or chronologically so that investigators can review different views of a scene or follow an event through successive fields of view.

For more information, see Reviewing media.

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