What's new in Genetec Clearance™

2022-08-08Last updated

Check out what's new in the latest update to Genetec Clearance™.

What's New: August 2022

i-PRO BWC and in-car device management
You can now update the firmware and configuration of i-Pro body-worn cameras and in-car systems directly from Genetec Clearance™. A new setting also allows administrators to create device groups, in which cameras can be logically grouped based on their model and the team of officers they are assigned to. New firmware and configurations can then be dispatched to individual devices or to the groups that have been defined in Genetec Clearance™. The capability is supported with the i-PRO BWC MK3, BWC 4000, and VPU 4000 systems. For more information about supported firmware versions and i-PRO BWC Configuration Tool version requirements, refer to the following: About device groups

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