What is Genetec Clearance™?

Genetec Clearance™ is a digital evidence management system that you can use to help accelerate investigations by securely collecting, managing, and sharing evidence from different sources.

Using Genetec Clearance™, you can import data from video surveillance systems, body-worn cameras, cell phones, in-car systems, computer aided dispatch (CAD), record management systems (RMS), and so on, so that evidence can be reviewed and shared within a single application. Genetec Clearance™ enables collaboration across independent agencies and private sector organizations, by helping investigators and invited third parties share their evidence online.

You can access the system from any standard browser, and no installation is required. All data and files that are imported to the system are automatically encrypted.

The Genetec Clearance™ system is also integrated with Active Directory, this means that organizations can use their existing Active Directory service to authenticate users and manage system access.

Advantages of the Genetec Clearance™ system

  • Collect your digital evidence in one centralized location
  • Manage who has access to the system and to case information
  • Simplify investigations by collaborating with users
  • Secure case information
  • Find cases and files easily within the system

Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.