About the Genetec Clearance™ dashboard

2021-11-05Last updated

You can use the Genetec Clearance™ dashboard to track trends in your investigations and evaluate your subscription to ensure you get the most out of Genetec Clearance™.

The Genetec Clearance™ dashboard consists of the following:

Case dashboards:

  • View total cases by category or state.
  • Track creation of cases over time and filter by category.
  • Track which categories of investigations occur most frequently.

Storage dashboards:

  • View total storage used by file type.
  • Track data storage over time and filter this information by file type, and total storage or new storage.
    Note: New storage is defined as the change in storage in a given time period. The value displayed for new storage in a given time period will be negative if more data was deleted than added.

Requests dashboards:

  • View total file requests by status.
  • Measure requests over time organized by their status.
  • Measure requests by average processing time.
  • Measure requests and approvals by user
Note: The requests dashboards are only available in accounts that have the Registry module enabled.