About Clearance™ Seen

2019-12-10Last updated

Genetec Clearance™ Seen is a mobile app that officers and security personnel can use to capture videos, images, and audio recordings from their phone, and upload evidence directly to their Clearance account. Evidence can quickly be added to cases and shared with investigators and other parties, all while maintaining its safety and security.

With Genetec Clearance™ Seen, you can do the following:
  • Send videos, photos, and audio recordings to Genetec Clearance™ accounts
  • Assign evidence directly to cases
  • Assign a case directly to a department
  • Include additional information, like notes and GPS coordinates, and assign categories
  • Add tags to quickly find evidence in future searches
The Genetec Clearance™ Seen UI layout showing images of a vehicle of interest, its location, and case details.
Note: To download Genetec Clearance™ Seen, visit Google Play or the App Store.

Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.