Previous features and enhancements

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Genetec Clearance™ includes the following features and enhancements.

What's New: April 2024

New version of the Clearance plugin for Security Center
The Genetec Clearance™ plugin for Security Center version 3.5.98 is now available. The release includes the following improvements:
Automated evidence exports
In the latest version of the Genetec Clearance™ Plugin, you can use event-to-action to automate video exports to Clearance. When recordings in Security Center need to be protected, they can be uploaded automatically and preserved in Clearance. For example, videos linked to door forced open or intrusion events can be uploaded directly to a case. Operators and other stakeholders can then review the footage in Clearance from their web browser. The configurable retention settings available in Clearance create opportunities for organizations to extend video retention for event-related recordings. Distinct retention settings are useful for video evidence that requires special consideration or that must be shared with team members in other departments.
Raise custom event on Clearance export state
You can now configure a custom event to notify Security Center users about the state of an export, such as if an export fails.
Filter by export state in Clearance Activities Report
You can now filter results by export state in the Genetec Clearance activities task, allowing you to better track export failures and other details.
View other user exports privilege
You can now assign a privilege that allows users to see other users’ exports in the notification tray.
Multi-factor authentication for Guest user accounts
Clearance has transitioned users to the Genetec™ Login authentication system. Genetec Login is used across Genetec web applications and ensures that a single identity is used across all Genetec products. As part of the transition, Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is mandatory for all users that sign into Genetec applications. The second factor is a pin that is sent to the email address associated with the user’s account.

Users can manage their MFA preference from The portal allows them to choose to send the second factor by email or by SMS.

What's New: February 2024

Upcoming change to Clearance login
In the coming weeks, an update will be made to the Clearance login system that might affect you. Following the change, users who do not use a Single Sign-On (SSO) integration must reset their passwords the first time they login to Clearance. For more information, refer to Change to Clearance login.

What's New: November 2023

Reassign files to another officer
Users can now reassign files recorded from body-worn cameras and in-car systems to a different officer. The file’s associated officer and its permissions are updated when the assignment is changed. A user must belong to the Manage Devices policy and have Manage permissions on an evidence to modify the assigned officer field.
Genetec Fleet Monitoring integration
Organizations can now publish a list of their vehicles equipped with Security Center in the Clearance registry module. Video can be requested from these on-board systems and automatically uploaded to Clearance for review and sharing.
New version of the Clearance plugin for Security Center
The Genetec Clearance™ plugin for Security Center version 3.5.63 is now available. The release includes the following improvements:
  • Support for vehicle requests: You can now request video, along with telemetric data and metadata, from vehicles equipped with Genetec Security Center. When enabled, video requests can be made from the Clearance registry and request modules. Click here for more information.
  • Default department support: The default department configured in your Clearance account is now automatically populated when exporting video from Security Desk.
  • Throttle number of concurrent exports: Admins can throttle the number of concurrent exports from their Archivers to accommodate bandwidth limitations. Contact Genetec Support for information about this option.
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements: A number of fixes and performance improvements are available in this release. Refer to the Genetec Clearance Plugin Guide 3.5.63 release notes for a complete list.
Case and file tagging with i-PRO uploads
Recordings tagged from the i-PRO Front End system and body worn web app can now be automatically associated with cases in Clearance. The association is based on files sharing the same incident or case file number. Case permissions are set based on the default department configured in the account.

A license is required to activate this feature. For more information, contact your reseller.

Playback vehicle metadata
Vehicle metadata, including speed, latitude and longitude positions, and triggers can now be played in sync while reviewing video from on-board systems. The metadata can be uploaded from systems integrated with the Clearance APIs and is available with Genetec Security Center mobility systems and i-PRO in-car systems.

What's New: September 2023

Set Default department
Administrators can now set a default department that is pre-selected when users create new cases. This default selection helps mitigate entry error by applying a base template for case permissions. The default department can also be leveraged by integrations that use the Clearance API, allowing them to apply the default template when creating new cases in Clearance. For more information, refer to Setting a default department.

What's New: August 2023

Automatic case naming
Case names can now be automatically generated when cases are created in Clearance. This feature ensures that a standard naming convention is respected and eliminates the risk of data entry error.
Display landmark names
You can now use landmark names to tag case and file locations. Landmarks can consist of buildings, transit stations, and monuments. A location tag is automatically generated based on the type of location returned from the results.

What's New: July 2023

Thumbnail preview in search
You can now preview a thumbnail of images and videos by hovering over the results of their search. For more information, refer to Searching for cases or files.

What's New: June 2023

File groups automatically populate in multi-tile view
The multi-tile view is now automatically populated with multiple evidence files when a group of files is opened. For more information, refer to Reviewing media.

What's New: May 2023

Manage permissions required in departments
It is now mandatory for at least one user, or user group, to be assigned manage permissions when configuring a department. This ensures that the desired stakeholders have full rights to cases when they are created. For more information, refer to Creating departments.
Camera groups are now available in the registry module
You can now publish camera groups in the Clearance registry module based on the areas that are configured in Security Center. The update accelerates the identification of cameras relevant to a request and allows users to select devices in a desired region more easily. Groups can be published from the Security Center plugin and are supported through API integration with other video systems. Click here to download version 3.5.38 of the Clearance plugin for Security Center.
Send reports from Genetec Mission Control™ to Clearance
Security Center operators can now export incident reports and associated videos to cases in Clearance. Organizations can now quickly share access to event information and preserve incident details in accordance with operating procedures. The integration is supported in Mission Control version 3.1.2, and requires the Clearance plugin for Security Center version 3.5.38 and later.

What's New: March 2023

Preview thumbnails in Search
You can now preview thumbnail images of files in search results. Thumbnails are only available for files that each user has access to. This update speeds up the process of identifying files and cases that require your review.
Animation showing the thumbnail view of files in the search.

What's New: December 2022

New version of the Clearance plugin for Security Center
The Clearance plugin for Security Center version 3.5 includes the following improvements:
  • Participant locations in Security Center Maps: The new plugin displays participants from the Clearance camera registry module in the Maps task. The integration with Clearance allows Security Desk operators can use the Clearance integration to identify the location of participants near incidents they are monitoring and provides a link to access participant details and initiate a video request.
  • Deactivated departments and categories: Deactivated departments and categories are no longer available for selection in the Security Desk export wizard.
  • Scalability improvements: This update offers improved performance when adding thousands of entities in the plugin camera selection.
Security policy to download files flagged by malware scan
A new security policy has been added that allows administrators to download files that have been flagged as potentially malicious by a malware scan. Only users included in this security policy can download files that have been flagged by the malware scan.
Note: The malware scan supports files that are up to 4GB in size.
Clearance Drive updates
Clearance Drive will automatically be updated for users who have already installed the application. If you have not yet installed Clearance Drive, you can learn more about it here. The update includes bug fixes and upload performance improvements.

What's New: October 2022

Download Clearance Drive
With Clearance Drive you can transfer digital evidence faster when connected to a high-speed network. Use this app to search, copy, and transfer large quantities of evidence to Clearance from a dedicated application or from the File explorer. For more information, refer to Installing Clearance Drive. Click here to download the app.

Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.

Map I-PRO evidence metadata to files in Clearance
Notes, case file numbers, and other metadata tagged to videos from the i-PRO Front-End application are now mapped to the associated fields when evidence is uploaded to Clearance. This feature applies to users who are included in the Manage i-PRO user account credentials device policy and have configured their i-PRO user account password. For more information, refer to Defining device policies

What's New: September 2022

Support for i-PRO snapshot metadata
Timestamp and officer assignment details are now displayed on snapshots captured from i-PRO BWC cameras.
Collapse and expand video timeline
Users can now collapse the multi-tile player timeline into a single, consolidated view to simplify video playback and review.
Case and file list export
Custom fields, assigned officer, and the URLs of each case and file are now included in the search result export. All results from a search can be exported as a CSV file from the Search page.

What's New: August 2022

i-PRO BWC and in-car device management
You can now update the firmware and configuration of i-Pro body-worn cameras and in-car systems directly from Clearance. A new setting also allows administrators to create device groups, in which cameras can be logically grouped based on their model and the team of officers they are assigned to. New firmware and configurations can then be dispatched to individual devices or to the groups that have been defined in Clearance. The capability is supported with the i-PRO BWC MK3, BWC 4000, and VPU 4000 systems. For more information about supported firmware versions and i-PRO BWC Configuration Tool version requirements, refer to the following: About device groups.

What's New: April 2022

Import folder hierarchy to cases
Folders you upload to cases in Clearance now maintain the same file structure, saving time organizing the folder hierarchy in your cases.

What's New: March 2022

Restrict access to camera details in registry
Administrators can now define which users are able to view and select cameras as part of their video requests. You can use this video request policy to control access to camera information, while still permitting users to make video requests involving cameras they have access to.
Automatically map request attributes to cases
To reduce data entry, standard fields that are common between video requests and cases now have their values automatically mapped when a new case is generated from a request. This includes time range, category, and location information. The Category field is only available to Regular users when entering a new request and is hidden from Guests. For more information, see Requesting video.

What's New: February 2022

Support for multiple form types
You can now publish multiple request form versions to tailor the information that is collected for different request scenarios. For example, a form can be configured for internal requests that has different fields than the one used by external parties. The applicable form is selected by the requesting party when entering a new request and follows the organization’s approval workflow.
Faster G64 conversion
The G64 service has been updated to reduce the time required to convert recordings from Security Center. With this improvement, Clearance can more efficiently scale when there are spikes in the number of G64 files that are sent for conversion.
Automatic case and request ID numbers
You can now automatically generate incident, record, and request ID numbers to facilitate the classification of cases and requests. Administrators can define the convention used to generate IDs and support the inclusion of common properties such as the date, user or creator name, and other system properties as part of the ID template. For more information, see Configuring ID templates.
Video trimming
You can now trim long video recordings when sending files to the video editor. Choose to keep only the relevant sequence of a longer video and accelerate the redaction and review of the recording. For more information, see Trimming video.

What's New: January 2022

Sort search columns
You can now sort results in the Search page in ascending or descending order to quickly find the cases and files that you are looking for.
  • Name
  • Creation time
  • Created by
  • Start time
  • End time
  • State
  • Device serial number
  • Last modified time
  • Last modified by
Internet Explorer 11 end of support
With the upcoming end of life of Internet Explorer 11 scheduled in June 2022, the browser is no longer supported by Clearance. For the best experience using Clearance use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.