Reviewing media

2021-05-27Last updated

After media files have been uploaded, you can play them from either the file page or the evidence player page. You can also play videos with GPS trail location data, if GPS data is available.


To watch uploaded media files from the Case page:
  1. From the Case page in Clearance, click a file.
    The evidence player opens.
To watch uploaded media files from the File page:
  1. From the Clearance search page, open a file.
  2. Click Play ().
  3. Click to enter the evidence player, where the multi-tile view can be accessed.
    The evidence player opens.
From the evidence player:
  1. Click Tile layout () and choose to arrange files in 4 tiles or 6 tiles.
  2. Click the files you want to examine, or drag and drop them into the tiles.
    The video player multi-tile view showing controls and a list of files that can be added to the view.
  3. After you have loaded a video into one of the tiles, click More () and choose to remove, download, redact, or view the details of a file in any tile. You can also choose to open a file in a new tab.
  4. (Optional) If available, click GPS trail () to display the GPS trail location data for a video.
    Note: In the GPS data tile, a marker moves along the GPS trail to indicate the GPS location in relation to the video timeline.
    The video player multi-tile view showing the GPS trail associated with a video timeline.
  5. Click Play () to start playback for the videos loaded in the tiles.
  6. When playing video, click the time bar to skip to any point in the videos that you have stationed in the tiles.
    The video timeline showing all video files loaded in the multi-tile view.


Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.

After you finish

Refer to the video player controls definitions list for an inventory of controls.