Video player controls

2023-11-06Last updated

Use the video player controls in Clearance to get a better sense of what you are looking at.

Button Command Description
Play Play the video.
Pause Pause the video.
Mute Mute the video.
Unmute Un-mute the video.
Playback speed Select the video playback rate (0.5x, 1.0x, 1.5x, or 2.0x).
Full screen Select the full screen display mode.
Default screen Revert to the default display mode.
Relative time Display relative time.
Absolute time Display absolute time.
Show visual watermark Display visual watermark
Hide visual watermark Hide visual watermark.
Note: To configure the visual watermark, refer to Configuring your account information.
GPS trail Show or hide the GPS trail location data if available.
Note: GPS trail location data is only available when watching videos, and only if the video was captured using a device that provides GPS coordinates.
Show metadata Show or hide metadata associated with the file if any is available.
Digital zoom Scroll your mouse wheel forwards to zoom in and backwards to zoom out, or spread and pinch your laptop track pad.
Skip frame forward Move forward one frame in the video.
Skip frame backward Move backward one frame in the video.
Chronological playback Playback all videos in chronological sequence.
Simultaneous playback Playback all videos simultaneously.
Take snapshot Capture a still image snapshot of the video you are viewing. The snapshot is saved to the case the video file is associated with.