Configuring file details

2024-02-28Last updated

Configure file details to better classify and compare your evidence files.

Before you begin

Upload a file to a case in Clearance.


From the General section of the File page, enter information for the following:
Enter a description of the file.
Start time
If applicable, enter a start time for the file.
End time
If applicable, enter an end time for the file.
Classify the file into one of your categories.
Associated cases
View the cases the file is associated with and Add the file to cases.
Tag the file with keywords to make it findable in searches.
Define a location to associated with the file, such as where the file was captured.
Custom fields
Enter values for any custom fields included in the file details.
Note: You can search for values provided in your custom fields using the Case custom fields and File custom fields search filters.
Scheduled deletion
Choose to set a deadline after which the file is deleted, or to protect it from deletion.

After you finish

Filter your searches for cases or files using custom fields.