Sharing files

2020-06-02Last updated

To let internal or external members of your organization view, modify, and manage files, you can share files with them and define their access rights on a file by file basis.

Before you begin

Create a user account for the user you want to share the file with.


  1. Open an existing file or Upload a file.
  2. In the Permissions section, click > Add users .
  3. In the Add existing users window, select the user and then click Add.
    The Add existing groups or users window showing the earch bar and results from which users and groups can be selected.
    The user is added to the list of users and, by default, is given the View and download permission level for the file.
  4. Change the permission level for the user, as required, and then click Save.
    The permissions section showing a user's level of access being changed to Edit.
An email is automatically sent to the user, inviting the user to view the file details.