Creating user accounts

2023-09-11Last updated

Before someone can use Genetec Clearance™, you must create a user account for that person. After you have created the user's account, they can be granted access to cases and files.

What you should know

You must be an account administrator to create users in Clearance.


  1. Click Configurations > Users > () .
    The Users page showing a list of users and their identifying information.
  2. Enter values for the following settings:
    The user’s email address. This field is mandatory.
    First name
    The user's first name. To ensure that the user is searchable in the system, enter the user's actual name, not a nickname.
    Last name
    The user's last name. To ensure that the user is searchable in the system, enter the user's actual name, not a nickname.
    The group that the user is assigned to. You can create groups for specific departments, groups that apply to multiple or all departments, or groups that reside outside departments. Users can belong to multiple groups.
    Officer ID
    The user’s identification number. You can search for users by their officer IDs.
    Note: You can modify or reassign an officer ID from the Officer ID field on the User edit page.
    Mobile phone
    The user’s phone number. You can add a maximum of two phone numbers. You cannot search for users by their phone number.
    Work phone
    The user's work phone number.
    A user can either be Active (by default) or Inactive. If a user is no longer working for your organization, you can set the status of the user to Inactive. Inactive users are still searchable.
    A user can either be a guest or regular user. Guests cannot perform searches in the system and cannot access the Configurations menu. Regular users have full access, but can only access the Configurations menu if they are part of the Account Administrator group.
    Upload a photo of the user so that they can easily be identified.
    The devices that are associated with the user. For example, a body-worn camera (BWC).
    Assign security and video request policies.
  3. Click Save.
The user account is created. An email inviting the user to join Clearance is automatically sent to the user.
Tip: Click Save and add new to create additional user accounts.


The image below shows an example of a user (Audrey Williams) who is a member of two groups: Day to day operations Commanders and Loss Prevention Initial reports. Because Audrey is a member of these two groups, she will automatically be assigned to new cases that are assigned to departments that these two groups are members of.
For example, if a new case is assigned to the Loss Prevention Department, and Audrey is a member of the Initial Reports group within this department, Audrey will receive an email, notifying her that she has been assigned to a new case.
Audrey Williams' user profile, showing her general information, assigned devices, and privileges.

Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.