Creating fields

2021-08-13Last updated

System administrators can create and customize case and file fields in Genetec Clearance™.

What you should know

  • Only users included in the account administrators group can create or modify fields.


  1. Click Configurations > Fields and labels .
  2. Choose to create a field for a case or a file.
To modify a default field:
  1. Select the field you want to modify and enter a new name for it.
  2. To restore a default field, click Restore default ().
  3. Click Save.
To create a field:
  1. Click Add () to add a new field.
  2. Enter a name for the field.
  3. To re-position your fields, hold click and drag the Reorder () control.
    Note: The order you assign to your fields here determines the order in which they are shown in the case or file.
  4. To delete a field, click More () and then click Delete.