Creating fields

2024-02-28Last updated

You can tailor the information documented in cases and on files to the needs of your organization using the custom fields feature. Default fields can be renamed and it is possible to create text or drop-down fields. Each custom field is filterable from the Search page.

What you should know

  • Only users included in the account administrators group can create or modify fields.


To create fields:
  1. Click Configurations > Fields and labels .
  2. Choose to create a field template for cases, video requests, or files.
To modify a default field:
  1. In the Default Fields section, select the field you want to modify and enter a new name for it.
  2. To restore a default field, click Restore default ().
  3. Click Save.
    The default field has been modified.
To create a field:
  1. In the Custom Fields section, click Add () to add a new field.
  2. Enter a name for the field.
  3. Choose to create a Text or Drop-down field.
    1. If you chose to create a Drop-down field, click Add () and add values for your drop-down field to show.
  4. To re-position your fields, click and drag the Reorder control ().
    Note: The order you assign to your fields here determines the order in which they are shown in the case or file.
  5. To delete a field, click More, () and then click Delete.
    • A case or file can include up to 15 custom fields.
    • A drop-down field can include up to 100 options.
  6. Click Create.
    Your field is created.