Configuring ID templates

2023-03-23Last updated

You can configure ID templates to automatically assign identifying information to cases and requests in Clearance.

What you should know

  • Only users included in the account administrators group can create or modify ID templates.


  1. Click Configurations > Fields and labels .
  2. Choose to configure automatic IDs for cases or video requests.
  3. Turn on the Automatically generate ID setting Switch supporting and on, and off, position..
  4. Configure keys for the ID template.
    Tip: Hover over the Tip () icon to see a list of supported values you can add to your automatic ID template.
    The supported keys and their respective values are as follows:
    Key Value
    {D} Short Day
    {DD} Long Day
    {M} Short Month
    {MM} Long Month
    {YY} Short Year
    {YYYY} Long Year
    {###} Fixed Length Numbers
    {N} Infinite Length Numbers
    {FIRSTNAME} Creator's First Name
    {LASTNAME} Creator's Last Name
    {USERNAME} Creator's Username
    • You can also include fixed characters in the ID template by entering them in the ID template without any brackets, such as in the following example: CCN-1111-{YYYY}-{N}, which would yield the result: CCN-1111-2022-1.
    • The {N} keyword is not displayed properly in the case and request views when the template it is included in is also assigned the {###} keyword.
  5. Click Save.
    Your ID template is created.


The field is configured:

The default fields section with the Default Value field, showing the ID template, highlighted.

The field appears in new cases:

A new case showing an ID assigned by the template.

After you finish

Create a case, Request video.