Permission levels

The permission level of a user or group in the Genetec Clearance™ system determines which actions users can perform on a case or file. Manage, Edit, View and download, or View only permission levels can be assigned to cases or files individually, or assigned to departments.

The following permission levels are used in the Genetec Clearance™ system:

Privilege View only View and download Edit Manage
Case permissions
Create cases (non-guest user)
View cases
Edit cases    
Add files to a case    
Share cases      
Add users to a case    
Remove users from a case      
Create file request      
File permissions
View files
Download files  
Create and edit tags and fields    
Share files      
Add users to a file      
Remove users from a file      
Security policy permissions
View audit trail1      
Protect case1      
Protect file1      
Delete case1      
Delete file1      
Restore cases1      
Restore files1      
Change access policies      
Change security policies (add users or groups)      
Manage devices      

1 Administrators must grant users access in the Security policies settings to allow users with Manage permission the ability to view audit trails, protect cases, and delete cases. Access to security policies can only be granted to Regular users and is not available for Guest users.