Changing access policies for files

2020-06-23Last updated

After a file has been uploaded in the system, you can select which users and groups have access to the file, and which permission levels they have.

What you should know

By default, a file inherits the access policy of the case with which it is associated. If a file is associated with multiple cases, user permission levels on the file are defined by the highest ranking permission level from those cases.
  • If the file is not associated with a case, the access policy for the file is taken from the default Security policies configuration.
  • You can only change the access policy of a file if you have Manage permission level on the file.
  • Users with View only permissions on the case will be unable to view PDF files included in the case. If you want a user to view a PDF file, assign them View and download permissions on the file.


  1. Open an existing file.
  2. In the Permissions section, select Override permissions from cases.
    The permissions section showing the Override permissions from cases check box activated.
  3. To add users or groups, do the following:
    1. Click > Add users .
    2. Select which users or groups you want to grant access to, and click Add.
  4. From the drop-down list next to the users or groups, grant them View only, View and download, Edit, or Manage permission level on the file.
  5. To remove a user or group, click next to their name.
  6. Click Save.
The access policy of the file is overwritten from the access policies of the cases. If you add a user to one of the file's associated cases, the user does not automatically have access to the file. You must manually add that user to the file.


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