Creating support tickets

2022-09-26Last updated

To create a support ticket in Clearance, an account administrator can use the Contact support option accessed from the Help section.

What you should know

Only account administrators can create support tickets from Clearance.


  1. Click Help ().
  2. Click Contact support.
  3. Complete the fields. Required fields are identified by an asterisk (*).
    The Contact support section in Clearance, showing contact information and support ticket details.
    1. In the Open support ticket section, select a ticket type from the Select type * drop-down list. For example, Cannot redact video.
    2. In the What happened? * field, enter some text to describe the issue that occurred and how the error can be reproduced.
  4. Click Submit.
A support ticket is raised containing contact information, problem, context, and account information. This information is then sent to the appropriate support team. A confirmation email from Clearance Support will be received.