Creating support tickets

2022-09-26Last updated

To create a support ticket in Genetec Clearance™, an account administrator can use the Contact support option accessed from the Help section.

What you should know

Only account administrators can create support tickets from Genetec Clearance™.


  1. Click Help ().
  2. Click Contact support.
  3. Complete the fields. Required fields are identified by an asterisk (*).
    The Contact support section in Genetec Clearance™, showing contact information and support ticket details.
    1. In the Open support ticket section, select a ticket type from the Select type * drop-down list. For example, Cannot redact video.
    2. In the What happened? * field, enter some text to describe the issue that occurred and how the error can be reproduced.
  4. Click Submit.
A support ticket is raised containing contact information, problem, context, and account information. This information is then sent to the appropriate support team. A confirmation email from Genetec Clearance™ Support will be received.