Technical support

2021-11-04Last updated

Genetec™ Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) is committed to providing its worldwide clientele with the best technical support services available. As a customer of Genetec Inc., you have access to TechDoc Hub, where you can find information and search for answers to your product questions.

Genetec TechDoc Hub
Find articles, manuals, and videos that answer your questions or help you solve technical issues.

Before contacting GTAC or opening a support case, it is recommended to search TechDoc Hub for potential fixes, workarounds, or known issues.

To access the TechDoc Hub, log on to Genetec Portal and click TechDoc Hub. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact

Genetec Technical Assistance Center (GTAC)
Contacting GTAC is described in the Genetec Lifecycle Management (GLM) documents: Genetec Assurance Description and Genetec Advantage Description.

Additional resources

If you require additional resources other than the Genetec Technical Assistance Center, the following is available to you:
The Forum is an easy-to-use message board that allows clients and employees of Genetec Inc. to communicate with each other and discuss many topics, ranging from technical questions to technology tips. You can log on or sign up at
Technical training
In a professional classroom environment or from the convenience of your own office, our qualified trainers can guide you through system design, installation, operation, and troubleshooting. Technical training services are offered for all products and for customers with a varied level of technical experience, and can be customized to meet your specific needs and objectives. For more information, go to


  • For license activations or resets, please contact GTAC at
  • For issues with license content or part numbers, or concerns about an order, please contact Genetec Customer Service at, or call 1-866-684-8006 (option #3).
  • If you require a demo license or have questions regarding pricing, please contact Genetec Sales at, or call 1-866-684-8006 (option #2).

Hardware product issues and defects

Please contact GTAC at to address any issue regarding Genetec appliances or any hardware purchased through Genetec Inc.