Overview of the Home page

2020-06-10Last updated

On the Home page, you can create a case, search for cases or files, or view recent case or file activity. From the News section you can gain an awareness of new functions as they become available. From the Learn section, you can access tutorial videos and additional learning content.

The homepage in Clearance, with callouts to the UI elements.
Note: Menu tab options in the left navigation bar are not displayed in the Home page for Guest user accounts.
The Home page includes the following:
A Search box Enter keywords to help you find a case or file. You can search by case number, file name, description, and so on.
B Create a case Create a new case.
C Search button Open the Search page. The search results only show cases or files that contain your keywords.
D News Visit the News section to learn about new functions or important announcements as they become available.
  • Click More news to display all news items.
  • (Optional) Click a news item to display additional related information if available.
E My activities Check recent case or file activity.
  • Click a case or file to open the Case or File page.
  • Click More activities to display all activities.
Note: For Guest users My activities only displays a list of the cases or files that have been shared with the Guest user.
F Learn Browse learning content. Click a thumbnail to watch a tutorial video or access additional learning content.