Why does my file fail to upload to Genetec Clearance™?


If you are unable to upload a file to Genetec Clearance™, it might be because some of the necessary domains are blocked, resulting in certain Genetec Clearance™ functionalities being restricted.

  • Uploading a file to Genetec Clearance™ requires access to the internet.
  • All communication is outbound over HTTPS.
  • A list of the domains that must be accessible for Genetec Clearance™ to work can be found here.


Should a file fail to upload, it might indicate that one of the required domains is restricted on your network. To resolve this, do the following:

  • Attempt to upload the file from a different internet connection.
  • Request your IT department to white list the required domains.

Steps to identify which domains are restricted

To identify if your connection is restricted, you can run the following example from Google Chrome to generate a network trace:

  1. Press the F12 key on your keyboard, and select the Network tab.
  2. Click the Preserve log check box.
  3. Log into Genetec Clearance™ to generate the error message.
  4. Right click any of the links on the Network view and clock Save all as HAR with content.
  5. Send the exported HAR file to the Genetec Clearance™ account administrator.