Configuring i-PRO five fields

2024-02-28Last updated

To make the metadata fields generated by recordings using i-PRO cameras and in-car systems consistent with Clearance, you must configure the i-PRO five fields.

Before you begin

Add an i-PRO body-worn camera or in-car system.

What you should know

Only users who are part of the Account Administrators group can configure fields.


  1. From the Configurations page, click Fields and labels.
  2. Select the File template.
  3. Create five fields and name them as follows:
    • Agency
    • Unit
    • Shift
    • Area
    • VehicleID
    Note: For instructions on how to create fields, see Creating fields.
  4. From the BWC unit settings page of your i-PRO camera or in-car system, select the 5 Fields configuration.
  5. Define your values in the Default column.
  6. Click Apply changes.
    The BWC configuration tool showing the i-PRO 5 fields ready to be configured.