Adding i-PRO BWC MK3 body-worn cameras

2024-02-28Last updated

To add an i-PRO BWC MK3 body-worn camera in Clearance, dock it in a docking station connected to your system and authenticate it with Clearance.

Before you begin

The following prerequisites apply when registering i-PRO BWC MK3 body-worn cameras:
  • You must have an active internet connection.
  • You must be a member of the Manage devices security policy.

What you should know

The i-PRO BWC MK3 must be authenticated before you can upload video from it.


  1. Dock the body-worn camera.
  2. Click Configurations > Devices .
  3. Click Create new device.
  4. Enter a name for the BWC MK3, the camera serial number, and specify the manufacturer and model of the camera.
    The General information section of the device page in Clearance, showing device information.
  5. Click Save.
    The body-worn camera is created in Clearance.
    A device in Clearance with the device info, assignments, and credentials displayed.
  6. From the BWC Config Tool window, double click on the body-worn camera you want to activate.
    The i-PRO BWC device configuration tool with the device being configured highlighted.
  7. In the Menu section, select Network (Back-End).
  8. Set the System mode to UDE System.
  9. Set the System Configuration to Obtain DNS server automatically.
    Note: If this option is not available, you must enter your preferred DNS server manually.
    The i-PRO BWC device configuration tool with callout numbers indicating the settings that must be configured.
  10. From the Devices page in Clearance, copy the credentials and paste them in the UDE Settings section of your body-worn camera configuration tool window.
    The Credentials section of the device page in Clearance with callout numbers indicating which fields must be copied to the i-PRO BWC device configuration tool.
  11. In the body-worn camera configuration tool window, click Apply changes.
  12. Click Activate device.
  13. From the Devices page in Clearance, select the relevant device and assign the body-worn camera to a user.
  14. (Optional) In the Device group field, select a group to include the device in.
    Note: Device groups are used to manage the firmware version for groups of devices.
  15. Click Save.
The i-PRO BWC MK3 body-worn camera can now upload recorded video to Clearance.