Configuring i-PRO ICV 4000 systems

2022-11-15Last updated

Before you can use your i-PRO ICV 4000 in-car system, you must authenticate with Clearance.


  1. From the Devices page in Clearance, click Configurations > Devices .
  2. Click Create new device.
  3. Enter a name for the camera, its serial number, and specify the manufacturer and model.
    The General section of the device page in Clearance, showing device information.
  4. Click Save.
    The in-car system is created.
    A device in Clearance with the device info, assignments, and credentials displayed.
  5. Log in to the Arbitrator 360 setup tool.
  6. To work with Clearance, the ICV4000 must be in UDE mode, rather than UEMS mode. To switch your ICV4000 to UDE mode, do the following:
    1. Click Switch Operational Mode.
      A dialog box opens displaying the following:
      The 'Switch to UDE mode' window, advising users to reboot the VPU 4000 to bring the changes to the effect and that the VPU 4000 will not connect to UEMS server after reboot.
    2. Click Yes.
    3. Apply your changes.
    4. Restart the ICV 4000 device.
    5. Close the Arbitrator 360 tool and then re-open it.
      Note: If your ICV 4000 is already in UDE mode, disregard these steps.
  7. In the Config tab of the Arbitrator 360 tool, input your Credentials from Clearance.
    The Credentials section of the device page in Clearance with callout numbers indicating which fields must be copied to the i-PRO device configuration tool.