Managing cases using Clearance Drive

2024-02-28Last updated

Create cases in Clearance Drive and review them in Clearance later.

Before you begin

Install Clearance Drive.


To create a case in Clearance Drive:
  1. From the Clearance Drive header, click Create case ().
  2. Click Create new case.
  3. Enter information into the case fields:
    1. Enter a name for the case.
    2. Assign the case to a department.
    3. Assign a category to the case.
    4. Enter an incident number for the case.
      The Create new case page in Clearance Drive showing fields to be filled out and the option to create the case or cancel.
  4. Click Create case.
    The case is created.
    The homepage in Clearance showing the new case.
    You can view the case in Clearance and add further field information and metadata to it there.
To search for a case using Clearance Drive:
  1. From the Clearance Drive header, click Search ().
  2. Click Search.
  3. Enter the search terms you require.
  4. Double click the relevant case to view the files.

After you finish

Log in to Clearance and add further information to the case. For more information, see Creating cases in Clearance.