Inviting guests to submit video requests

For guest users to submit video requests, an account administrator or other authorized user must invite them to submit video requests.

What you should know

  • Only users with Manage and invite requesters permission level in the Video request policies page can invite guest users to submit video requests.
  • Only account administrators can invite guest users from the Configurations page.

To invite a guest user to submit video requests from the Camera registry page:

  1. Click Camera registry ().
  2. Click Invite guests and choose one of the following:
    • New user
    • Existing users
  3. If you selected new user, complete the following fields:
    1. Enter an email address.
    2. (Optional) Enter a first name.
    3. (Optional) Enter a last name.
    4. Click Invite.
    5. (Optional) Click to invite additional new or existing users.
    6. Click Invite again to send the guest user invitation.
  4. If you selected existing users, do the following:
    1. In the Invite existing guest users dialog, enter the email address or name of the guest user you want to invite, and click Search ().
    2. Select the users that you require from the list and click Add.

To invite a guest user to submit video requests from the Configurations page:

  1. Click Configurations > Users .
    TIP: Use the search field to find a specific guest user in a long list.
  2. In the Privileges section, select the Allows the user to submit video requests check box.
  3. (Optional) Click to modify the expiration date.
    1. Clear the Never check box and follow the on-screen prompts.
    2. Click Modify to confirm your changes.
  4. Click Save.
The guest user is now authorized to submit video requests.