Configuring the Genetec Clearance™ Uploader

Before you can use the Genetec Clearance™ Uploader application, configure the application settings. This includes account setup information, upload schedule, application log settings, bandwidth and sync folder settings.

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What you should know

You can set up your account during installation using the Genetec Clearance™ Uploader account setup wizard. However, you can change your account settings at any time. For example, you can change account information, add or change an upload schedule, send logs to service, or limit bandwidth.

To configure the Genetec Clearance™ Uploader agent:

  1. (Optional) Create a Genetec Clearance™ Uploader service account if one is not already set up.
  2. Click Settings > Set up Your Account .
    The Genetec Clearance™ Uploader account setup wizard opens.
    NOTE: The first time that you configure your account the wizard is automatically started.
    1. On the Account Setup wizard welcome screen, click Next .
    2. Select the Genetec Clearance™ account that you want to upload files to. Click Browse and select a Genetec Clearance™ Uploader service configuration file. For example, select config.json and then click Open.
    3. Click Next > Complete .
  3. (Optional) Define an Upload Schedule.
    1. Specify a start time.
    2. Specify an end time.
    These deferred upload schedule settings define a time range when the Genetec Clearance™ Uploader can upload media to the Genetec Clearance™ account. Media is uploaded immediately if the fields are left blank.
    NOTE: Scheduled uploads can help you avoid using bandwidth during office hours by deferring uploads to a more convenient time. Scheduled uploads are also useful if you are using a multi-dock or are uploading media from multiple devices, which might consume excessive bandwidth.
  4. (Optional) Send application logs to support. Slide the Send application log to On when you want to send anonymous logs to us for support purposes.
  5. (Optional) Set a bandwidth limit. Slide the Limit Bandwidth to On when you want to specify a bandwidth limit in MB/s.
    This setting specifies the maximum bandwidth the Genetec Clearance™ Uploader agent can use during media upload.
  6. (Optional) Define a Sync folder. Set the Sync folder to On if you want to automatically upload files in the folder to Genetec Clearance™.
    IMPORTANT: Changing the Sync folder setting requires a manual restart of the Genetec Clearance™ Uploader service. The Sync folder that you defined is automatically created for you after the service is restarted.

After you finish

You can change the Genetec Clearance™ Uploader settings at any time from the settings section.