Creating a file request

2024-02-28Last updated

To allow anyone to add files to an incident without viewing the case contents, you can create a public file request, and then share the file request with anyone in or outside your organization.

Before you begin

Create and configure the case that you want to associate the file request with.


  1. From either the Search or Home page, open a case.
  2. Next to Permissions, click File requests and click add ().
    The Create file request section, showing request details.
  3. Enter values for the following settings:
    Request name
    The name of the file request. This field is used as the title of the file request when it is shared.
    Request description
    A description of the file request. This field is used as the description of the file request when it is shared. Be descriptive so that others can easily find the files when searching for file requests in cases.
    Request expiration
    The expiration date of the file request.
  4. (Optional) Select Never when you want the file request to remain active indefinitely.
  5. (Optional) Select Allow anonymous uploads.
    User contact information is optional when Allow anonymous uploads is selected.
  6. Click Add location and time to add additional information to the file request.
    Note: If the case already contains incident location, start time, or end time, these fields are automatically prefilled.
    Incident location
    Set the location where the incident occurred. Type the location, or click View map () to search for the location on a map.
    Start time
    Sorts the evidence preview list results based on the file start time. Click the ascending or descending arrow to change the Start time sort order.
    Incident end time
    Date and time the incident ended.
    1. If you clicked View map (), select or modify the location and click Set location.
  7. Click Create request.
  8. Choose from the following:
    • Click Copy to copy the file request link then include in an email.
    • Click Open link to test the file request link or to scan the QR code before including in an email.
    • Click Modify request if you need to make any changes to the file request.
  9. Click Done when you are finished.
    The file request link is added to the case in the File requests section.
    The File requests section of a case, showing the requests that are linked to the case.


Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages.

After you finish

You can return to the case at any time to copy the file request link (), modify the file request (), modify expiration date (), or delete ( ) the file request.