Copying cases

2019-10-22Last updated

If you do not want to include the original user permissions or files when sharing a case, you can copy the case and then add or remove permissions or files before sharing the modified case.

Before you begin

  • To copy a case, you must have the Manage permission level for the case.

What you should know

  • A guest user cannot copy a case.
  • Creating a copy of a case consumes one case in the plan’s quota. The user that copied the case becomes the case owner.
  • When a case is copied, no email notifications are sent, a unique case number is assigned, and duplicate case names are accepted.
  • By default, all files, incident information, descriptions, and metadata from the original case are kept. Access policies and permissions for all users remain the same.
  • Audit trail history from the original case is excluded from the copied case. The first audit trail entry (CreateCopy) in the copied case records who copied the original case.


  1. Open an existing case.
  2. On the Case page title bar, click () to display additional case options.
  3. Click Copy case.
    By default, copied cases are named Copy - original case name.
    The Copy case window in Clearance, showing the case name, which can be edited.
    1. (Optional) Enter a name for the copied case and click Copy case again to save the file.
  4. Modify the copied case.
    1. (Optional) Add or remove user permissions.
    2. (Optional) Add or remove files.
    3. Click Save.

After you finish

You can now share the copied case or invite a guest user to view the copied case.