Creating an eDiscovery receipt

To capture a digital proof of receipt for evidence being shared between Attorney and Defence offices, use the eDiscovery receipt. The eDiscovery receipt is sent to the recipient to obtain a dated acknowledgment and signature. The report is then kept as a digital record of evidence shared, how it was sent, and includes a list of the items shared.

What you should know

  • In Genetec Clearance™, an eDiscovery receipt is an audit-compliant digital proof of receipt report (in PDF format) for evidence being shared between two parties. For example, between the District Attorney's office and the Attorney of the defendant. The report includes evidence shared, how it was sent, and a list of items shared.
  • The account information in the header of each report varies depending on your configuration and can include one or more of the following: the account logo, account name, address, or contact information.
  • The terms of acknowledgement statement is typically configured by the account administrator and can include customized criminal code statements which can vary for the office, state, region and so on.
  • Only users with View and Download permissions for the case can access the eDiscovery receipt report.
  • Only users with Access audit trail and create eDiscovery receipt permissions can access the functions.

To create an eDiscovery receipt report:

  1. Click Cases and open an existing case.
  2. Click More () and click Create report.
  3. In the Select a report dialog, click eDiscovery receipt.
  4. In the Create eDiscovery receipt dialog, complete the following:
    1. (Optional) In the Sender details section, enter a Name and Title.
      If the sender title field is left blank, the user string is used as the default title. For example, "eDiscovery receipt for files shared with user."
    2. In the Recipient details section, click Select to choose a recipient and enter a Title.
    3. (Optional) In the Case information section, enter the District court details and the Defendant name.
  5. (Optional) Click Modify eDiscovery receipt acknowledgments if you need to amend the terms of acknowledgment.
  6. Click Create report.
    A copy of the eDiscovery receipt report PDF is stored in Genetec Clearance™.
  7. Click Download.
    The eDiscovery receipt is saved as a PDF format file. For example, CaseAuditLog_Case1652.pdf

Click here to see a sample eDiscovery receipt report (PDF).

After you finish

Send the eDiscovery receipt report to the recipient for acknowledgement and signature.