Creating a case summary report

2020-06-03Last updated

To export an overview of case information and associated files, use the case summary report. This report is used to create a local copy as a digital record of the case details and the evidence files it includes. This report can also be useful for someone who does not have access to Genetec Clearance™, or to keep a record of the contents before cases or files are deleted.

Before you begin

What you should know

  • The account information in the header of each report varies depending on your configuration and can include one or more of the following: the account logo, account name, address, or contact information.
  • Only users with at least View and Download permissions for the case can access the case summary report.
  • The Uploaded by column is only displayed in the case summary report when the Permission details check box is selected.


  1. From either the Search or Home page, open a case.
  2. Click More () and click Create report.
  3. In the Select a report dialog, click Case summary report.
  4. In the Create case summary report dialog, select the check boxes that you require from the following:
  5. Click Create to generate the report.
    A copy of the case summary report PDF is stored in Genetec Clearance™.
  6. Click Download.
    The Case summary report is saved as a PDF format file. For example, CaseSummary_Case1652.pdf

After you finish

Forward the Case summary report to any required recipients or store a copy for your records.