Restoring cases

2024-02-28Last updated

To restore the details of an incident and any digital evidence that is linked to the incident, you can restore a case and its associated files.

What you should know

Important: Users must be in the Restore cases and files from the recycle bin security policy list. Users must also have manage permission level to restore cases. If the list is empty everyone can restore.


  1. Open the recycle bin.
  2. Select the case that you want and click Restore.
    A confirmation message is displayed.

    Are you sure you want to restore this case? Case name

    Note: Any restored cases are automatically set to Protect from deletion.
  3. Click Restore case.
    When the case is restored, a case restored message is displayed and a Case link web address is also shown.
    The Case restored pop-up, including a Case link web address and the option to view the case.
  4. (Optional) Click View case to open the restored case.